New Zealand’s Wine Glut

12 Feb


A bumper crop in 2008 has resulted in an oversupply of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and other Kiwi wine.  As prices fall, local producers look to renew a national focus on quality to help reduce tonnage in 2009 and beyond.  Exports are also on the rise, especially to Australia, in an attempt to spread the glut around.  Here’s hoping BC wine lovers benefit from expanded selection and lower prices in the New Zealand section of our local wine shops.  For more on this topic, check out the stories below.

from TVNZ:

It’s a good time for wine drinkers to stock up their cellars as an oversupply of Sauvignon Blanc forces producers to slash prices…

from The National Business Review:

As the countdown to the 2009 harvest gets underway, some vineyards are still feeling the hangover from last year’s vintage as a global glut and lower prices begin to bite…


New Zealand’s annual wine exports rose 19 percent to a record, boosted by a bigger grape harvest and rising demand, according to the industry’s national organization…


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