BC Wineries: the WCBC list

16 Jan

Vineyard at Quail's Gate Winery, West Kelowna (courtesy Wine Country BC)

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Big list of Wineries and their Websites

Posted by winecountrybc on January 1, 2010

Here’s a list of the 150+ wineries that are currently producing and releasing wines in BC as of now (January 2010). If there are any that I’ve missed, please let me know. The wineries are all listed alphabetically and a few have been grouped together at the end of the list under their respective corporate umbrella. Much more info on each of these wineries will follow soon. Until then, happy clicking.

Winery Website
22 Oaks Winery No website
8th Generation Vineyard www.8thgenerationvineyard.com
Aces Wine Group www.aceswine.ca
Alderlea Vineyards No website
Antelope Ridge www.anteloperidge.com
Arrowleaf www.arrowleafcellars.com
Averill Creek Vineyard www.averillcreek.ca
Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery www.beaufortwines.ca
Beaumont Family Estate Winery www.beaumontwines.ca
Black Cloud www.blackcloud.ca
Black Hills www.blackhillswinery.com
Black Widow Winery www.blackwidowwinery.com
Blackwood Lane Vineyards & Winery www.blackwoodlanewinery.com
Blasted Church Vineyards www.blastedchurch.com
Blossom Winery www.blossomwinery.com
Blue Grouse Estate Winery www.bluegrousevineyards.com
Blue Mountain Winery www.bluemountainwinery.com
Bonita’s Vineyard www.hijas-bonitas.com
Bounty Cellars www.bountycellars.com
Burrowing Owl Estate Winery www.bovwine.ca
Camelot Vineyards www.camelotvineyards.ca
Carbrea Vineyard www.carbreavineyard.com
Cassini Cellars www.cassini.ca
Cedar Creek Estate www.cedarcreek.bc.ca
Cerelia Vineyard www.cerelia.ca
Chandra Estate Winery www.chandrawinery.com
Chase and Warren Estate Winery www.chaseandwarren.ca
Cherry Point Winery www.cherrypointvineyards.com
Church & State Winery www.churchandstatewines.com
Clos du Soleil www.closdusoleil.ca
Columbia Gardens Winery www.cgwinery.com
Crowsnest Vineyards www.crowsnestvineyards.com
D’Angelo Estate Winery www.dangelowinery.com
Deol Estate Winery www.deolestatewinery.com
Desert Hills Estate Winery www.deserthills.ca
Dirty Laundry Winery www.dirtylaundry.ca
Divino Estate Winery www.divinowine.ca
Domaine de Chaberton www.domainedechaberton.com
Dragonfly Hill Vineyard www.dragonflyhillvineyard.com
Dunham and Froese Estate Winery www.dunhamfroese.ca
Eauvivre Winery & Vineyards www.eauvivrewinery.ca
Echo Valley Vineyard www.echovalley-vineyards.com
Ex Nihilo www.exnihilovineyards.com
Fairview Cellars Estate Winery www.mypage.uniserve.ca
First Estate Cellars www.firstestatecellars.com
Fork in the Road www.missionhillwinery.com
Foxtrot Vineyards www.foxtrotwine.com
Gary Oaks Winery www.garryoakswine.com
Gehringer Bros. Estate Winery No website
Glenterra Vineyards www.glenterravineyards.com
Godfrey Brownell Vineyards www.gbvineyards.com
Golden Beaver Winery www.goldenbeaverwinery.com
Granite Creek Winery www.granitecreek.ca
Gray Monk Estate Winery www.graymonk.com
Greata Ranch Reserve Winery www.greataranch.com
Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery www.hainle.com
Herder Winery and Vineyards www.herder.ca
Hester Creek Estate Winery www.hestercreek.com
Hillside Estate Winery www.hillsideestate.com
Hollywood and Wine Vineyard No website
House of Rose www.houseofrose.ca
Howling Bluff Estate Wines www.howlingbluff.ca
Hunting Hawk Vineyards www.huntinghawkvineyards.com
Isabella Winery www.isabellawinery.com
Joiefarm www.joie.ca
Kalala Organic Estate Winery www.kalalawines.ca
Kettle Valley Winery www.kettlevalleywinery.com
La Frenz www.lafrenzwinery.com
La Stella Winery www.lastella.ca
Lake Breeze Vineyards www.lakebreeze.ca
Larch Hills Winery www.larchhillswinery.com
Laughing Stock Vineyards www.laughingstock.ca
Le Vieux Pin www.levieuxpin.ca
Little Straw Vineyards www.littlestraw.bc.ca
Lotusland Vineyards www.lotuslandvineyards.com
Lulu Island Winery www.luluislandwinery.com
Marichel Vineyard www.marichel.ca
Marley Farm Winery www.marleyfarm.ca
Meyer Family Vineyards www.mfvwines.com
Misconduct Wine Company www.misconductwineco.com
Mistaken Identity Vineyards www.mistakenidentityvineyards.com
Morning Bay Vineyard and Estate Winery www.morningbay.ca
Mount Boucherie Estate Winery www.mtboucherie.bc.ca
Muse Winery www.musewinery.ca
Nichol Vineyard & Farm Winery www.nicholvineyard.com
Noble Ridge Winery www.nobleridge.com
Okanagan Vineyards No website
Oliver Twist Winery www.olivertwistwinery.com
Orofino Vineyards www.orofinovineyards.com
Painted Rock Estate Winery www.paintedrock.ca
Paradise Ranch www.icewines.com
Pentage www.pentage.com
Poplar Grove Winery www.poplargrove.ca
Quail’s Gate Estate Winery www.quailsgate.com
Quinta Ferreira www.quintaferreira.com
Recline Ridge Winery www.recline-ridge.bc.ca
Road 13 www.road13vineyards.com
Robin Ridge Winery www.robinridgewinery.com
Rocky Creek Winery www.rockycreekwinery.ca
Rollingdale Vineyards www.rollingdale.ca
Ruby Tuesday www.rubytuesdaywinery.com
Rustico Winery www.rusticowinery.com
Salt Spring Vineyards www.saltspringvineyards.com
Saturna Island Vineyards www.saturnavineyards.com
Silkscarf Winery www.silkw.net
Skimmerhorn Winery and Vineyard www.skimmerhorn.ca
Sonoran Estate Winery www.sonoranestate.com
Sperling Vineyards www.sperlingvineyards.com
St Lazlo Vineyards No website
St. Hubertus Estate Winery www.st-hubertus.bc.ca
Stags Hollow Winery www.stagshollowwinery.com
Starling Lane Winery www.starlinglanewinery.com
Stoneboat Vineyards www.stoneboatvineyards.com
Summerhill Pyramid Winery www.summerhill.bc.ca
Tangled Vines Estate Winery www.tangledvineswinery.com
Tantalus Vineyards www.tantalus.ca
The View Winery and Vineyard www.theviewwinery.com
Therapy Vineyards www.therapyvineyards.com
Thornhaven Estate Winery www.thornhaven.com
Tinhorn Creek Estate Winery www.tinhorn.com
Township 7 Estate Vineyards and Winery www.township7.com
Twisted Tree Vineyards and Winery www.twistedtree.ca
VanWesten Vineyards www.vanwestenvineyards.com
Venturi Schulze Vineyards www.venturischulze.com
Vigneti Zanatta Winery and Vineyards www.zanatta.ca
Vista D’Oro Farms and Winery www.vistadoro.com
Whistler Ice Wines (see Paradise Ranch) www.icewines.com
Wild Goose Vineyards and Winery www.wildgoosewinery.com
Willowhill Winery www.willowhillwines.com
Working Horse Winery www.workinghorsewinery.com
Young & Wyse Winery www.youngandwysewine.com
Andrew Peller Ltd. www.andrewpeller.com
Calona Vineyards www.calonavineyards.ca
Peller Estates www.andreswines.com
Red Rooster Winery www.redroosterwinery.com
Sandhill Wines www.sandhillwines.ca
Artisan Wines / Mission Hill www.artisanwineco.ca
Fork in the Road No website
Mission Hill Family Estate www.missionhillwinery.com
Prospect Winery www.prospectwinery.com
Sonora Ranch www.sonoraranchwine.com
White Bear www.whitebearwines.com
Holman Lang Wineries www.holmanlangwineries.com
K Mountain Vineyards www.kmountainvineyards.com
Lang Vineyards www.langvineyards.com
Mistral Estate Winery www.mistralestatewinery.com
Soaring Eagle www.soaringeaglewinery.com
Stonehill Estate Winery www.stonehillwines.com
Zero Balance Vineyards www.zerobalancevineyards.com
Vincor Int’l (Constellation Brands) www.vincorinternational.com
Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards www.inniskillin.com
Jackson Triggs Vintners www.jacksontriggswinery.com
Nk’Mip Cellars www.nkmipcellars.com
Okanagan Vineyards No website
Osoyoos LaRose No website
See Ya Later Ranch www.hmvineyard.com
Sumac Ridge Estate Winery www.sumacridge.com

3 Responses to “BC Wineries: the WCBC list”

  1. Cassandra Anderton @goodlifevan January 17, 2010 at 09:28 #

    Great list – very comprehensive. Just found out about a new one Krāzē Legz in Kaldeden; Proprietors Susan & Gerry Thygesen. I can’t find much info yet. Happy (BC) Wine Drinking!

  2. Ron Stewart August 17, 2010 at 11:44 #

    Hi would you have list of the wineries email address. Not there website Thank You Ron

    • joe corkscrew August 17, 2010 at 15:55 #

      Sorry, Ron – I don’t have email addresses. Check wineries’ websites for contact info.

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