#VPIWF: The 2010 Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival in Tweets

21 Apr

How much has the (Vancouver) wine world really embraced twitter? This post is a bit of an experiment in the matter, and depends wholly on Twitter users for the quality of its content.

I’ve added a new feed (right sidebar) so you can follow along in real-time with all the action of the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival (#VPIWF), courtesy Vancouver’s most hardcore wine-geek tweeps.


Please note, this post is a WIP: I will compile interesting tweets from various VPIWF events in this post as the festivities continue.


» Diva(s) at the Met

What happens when a group of women get together? They talk wine, of course! Host Daenna Van Mulligen (aka Wine Diva) will introduce you to an international group of winemakers, proprietors and industry principals, who will share not only the wines they represent, but also the stories of their journey as a woman in the grape trade. After, schmooze and enjoy a selection of small bites prepared to match each wine by Diva at the Met Chef Dino Renaerts. Diva(s) at the Met

TheWineDiva Trying to get to my Divas at the Met event #vpiwf but the 4/20 pot protest has shut down traffic- great- come early. You’ll be stuck too

rtay Heading to the Metropolitan Hotel for Diva(s) at the Met, my first official @PlayhouseWine fest event of what will be a very boozy week.

lfroese Food porn: canapes from Divas at the Met MMMMMMMMM #vpiwf #wine @thewinediva http://tweetphoto.com/19277394

TheWineDiva Divas at the Met 2010 has wrapped. Inspiring women, stories and wine. I am awed-thanks to all you wine divas out there!! #vpiwf

» Canadian Wine Summit as interpreted by @yaffler

The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival is pleased to announce a very special dialogue about Canadian wine issues as part of the Trade Days Conference.  What is Wine Brand Canada?   Is it Icewine internationally?  How does Cellared in Canada fit in?  How relevant are issues regarding sustainability?

Master Sommelier John Szabo moderates the morning, in-camera Strategy Session (9:30 – 11:30 am) featuring presentations by Mike Weir Wine, Tinhorn Creek, LCBO, Vincor, Brock University, Flat Rock Cellars, Andrew Peller and Mark Anthony Brands. The Canadian Wine Summit

Yaffler Interesting perspectives in this morning’s Canadian Wine Summit. Although As in all things, the big producers dominated proceedings #VPIWF

Yaffler Purpose of this morning’s Canadian Wine Summit: define winebrand Canada. Initial ideas: focus on diversity & sustainability. #VPIWF

Yaffler But before understanding & defining winebrand Canada, should everyone agree on just what it means to be Canadian in a general sense #VPIWF

Yaffler Key Canadian #wine asset is wine tourism. Vital to building the brand & creating emotional ties #VPIWF

Yaffler The big 3 want cooperation in building winebrand Canada. But only on their terms… #VPIWF

» Truth in Labeling Symposium

What does it mean to “tell the truth” – truth about what, truth according to whom? While every ingredient in your breakfast cereal is dutifully listed, do you really know what goes into your wine besides grapes? The Age of Scrutiny is here, at the retail counters and on the magazine racks. Will the wine industry lead or follow on issues of transparency, consistency and compliance? Join Anthony Gismondi, Glenn Sigurdson and prominent industry leaders to define the issue of standards in wine labeling. After, mingle with the panelists and your peers and discuss the issues further over a glass of truthfully marketed wine. What’s in Your Wine?

i_on_food_drink Self admitted wine label “geek” looking fwd to #TruthinLabeling symposium @ #VPIWF this afternoon!

TheSpitter Heading to the open, transparent, public Symposium on Truth in Labelling to begin after the closed, invite only, Brand Canada discussions.

Yaffler Instructions on how to adjust seats in Truth Behind Labelling Symposium from Wosk Centre technical director #VPIWF

PlayhouseWine #vpiwf #truthinlabeling Q: What is the main disadvantage of product disclosure labeling?

PlayhouseWine #vpiwf #truthinlabeling Marc Kent talks about free trade in the wine industry

Yaffler Mark Kent is an engaging an eloquent speaker at Truth Behind Labelling Symposium #VPIWF

HHonwine #TruthinLabeling based on each country’s values/issues: South Africa > fair trade; NZ > sustainability; Chile > organic/viticulture ?

HHonwine Each country’s #TruthinLabeling laws then become part of that country’s image, identity, brand. Are VQA or CIC regs working for Canada?

HHonwine Are #wine label regs for average consumer or for industry “gatekeepers” so it’s really part of encouraging best practices? #TruthinLabeling

HHonwine What is more important? Where is the #wine from? What is it made of? How was it made? #TruthinLabeling delegates say> where the wine is from

HHonwine Perhaps labels should change #wine descriptors as it evolves, from primary fruit in early years to seconday, tertiary #TruthinLabeling

HHonwine Best #TruthinLabeling line so far. Hadley-Beauregard says (after @hiredBelly compliments his label work): “I feel a shit sandwich coming on”

HHonwine John Clerides of Marquis Wine Cellars distrusts terms like “Reserve” or “Grand Reserve” > meaningless. #TruthinLabeling

PlayhouseWine Arnold Schiwsberg “Too much information can be misleading” #truthinlabeling #vpiwf

PlayhouseWine “Authenticity is the real value in wine” #truthinlabeling #vpiwf

HHonwine Jose Alberto Zuccardi > “Wine is pleasure.” Be wary of too much info. Must be authentic. “Label is like a speech.” #TruthinLabeling

SandraOldfield I’m with #hiredbelly. There’s a gorilla in the room called cellared in Canada. #truthinlabeling

lfroese We have learned B4 that consumers want authenticity. OK. So now what is to be included/disclosed? Up for debate. #TruthinLabeling

HHonwine Who is libel for Gallogate? For putting non Pinot juice in “Pinot” #wine ? The producer of the label has a responsibility. #TruthinLabeling

PlayhouseWine Arnold Schwisberg talks about the laws roll in the wine industry #truthinlabeling #vpiwf

PlayhouseWine Q: What Group should lead the development of “truth telling labels”? 55% say industry groups #truthinlabeling #vpiwf

HHonwine Delegates have much more of an appetite for mandatory #wine regs rather than voluntary. Global & Mandatory is top choice. #TruthinLabeling

HHonwine I still think consumer demand is a very important factor to get the #wine industry to adopt #TruthinLabeling

lfroese Some great minds at the #TruthinLabeling event http://tweetphoto.com/19378268

PlayhouseWine Peter Mitham “Technology will let the consumer gain Information about wine” #truthinlabeling #vpiwf

hiredBelly Amazing tht in 2 hrs #vpiwf #truthinlabeling discussion, Cellared in Canada deceit almost totally ignored

HHonwine When in Tasting Room, ask winery producers “What’s in Your Wine?” #TruthinLabeling Symposium just ended. Reception started. #VPIWF

MarquisWineCell was on panel on truth in labeling @ wine festival #truthinlabeling pretty limp no hard questions LDB peeps were there not grilled

» California Cruisin’

Spend an evening California Cruisin’ without leaving Vancouver! Experience the unparalleled taste of California in an environment that celebrates the relaxed yet sophisticated California vibe, the trendy Canvas Lounge and Gallery in Gastown. California Cruisin’

Gradywines Tonight at “California Cruisin” event #vpiwf featuring Seghesio Cortina 2007 and Seghesio Home Ranch 2008. Meet the winemaker, Ted Seghesio

joecorkscrew Heading out to California Cruisin’ shortly – who will I see there? #vpiwf

joecorkscrew Peju 50/50 is by far the standout of California Cruisin’ so far. Acrobats, not so much. #vpiwf

joecorkscrew Seghesio wins the Zin-off (in my book) at California Cruisin’ with the 2007 Cortina Zinfandel. #vpiwf

joecorkscrew California Cruisin’ an underwhelming experience. Weak venue & mostly uninspiring wine selection. I’d be disappointed had I paid $55. #VPIWF

» Trade Tasting notes

joecorkscrew Early NZ standouts: Astrolabe Sauv. Blanc, Crossroads Gewurz, Elephant Hill Viognier. #vpiwf

RyanSnellingNOW Bellingham, South Africa, Chenin blanc is delicious. Check it out @playhousewines #vpiwf.

vinifico Killer #NZWines so far: Sacred Hill Riflemans Chard, Elephant Hill SB., Borthwick Riesling. #vpiwf

Gremolata Some bubbles by BC’s Road 13 served w/ truffle oil potato crisps…Delicious! LIVE from Playhouse #wine ! #vpiwf http://twitpic.com/1hllwo

grapesofkath 1st reports are in: Sacred Hill Riflemans Chard, Elephant Hill SB + Viog, Borthwick Ries, Astrolabe SB, Crossroads Gewurtz. #vpiwf #nzwine

EatMagazine An amazing group of New Zealand & Argentina wines assembled in the stunning new tasting room. Took me over an hour just to do pinot n #vpiwf

CrushBrandLab Bodega Francois Gran Lurton Friulano 2007 #vpiwf. Beautiful white blend. Light oak. White flowers, peach. Delish. Spec. Grab while we can!

LT_Chronicles http://twitpic.com/1hlxeg – At the #vpiwf trade tasting – busy busy

cherriesandclay http://tweetphoto.com/19501189 Crazy Awesome Syrah Alert ! @PlayhouseWine #VPIWF

Gremolata So many beautiful people work in the #wine business (both inside and out) – LOL! LIVE from Vancouver Playhouse Fest. #vpiwf

CrushBrandLab Loving the Venoge Rose Brut. Celebrating pinot noir in the tasting room. #vpiwf. Great day for pink bubble. Spec about $70. Fab.

BeauCharles Gunderloch 2007 Auslese paired with lemon olives at #VPIWF fantastic pairing

vanfoodster Loving Argentina and the Nomade Reserva Las Mulas 2005 from Tomas Achaval Winery. #vpiwf

EatMagazine Delish astrolabe sauv blanc fr marlboro (tr) #vpiwf

joecorkscrew Trade tasting wrapping – mad rush to the registers. Where to go for post-tasting drinks? #vpiwf

JJBuckleyWines PM session: Passionate About Pinot a regional NZ comparison. Interested to hear what Sam Neill has to say about his wine. #vpiwf #nz_arg

» Passionate about Pinot

NautilusEstate #vpiwf passionate about Pinot seminar starts at 5. Grab yourself a btl of Nz Pinot noir & follow along here! #Nz_arg

NZWine #NZ Pinot Noir seminar about to begin at #vpiwf. 12 stunning #nz pinot noir from 6 regions. Moderated by Anthony Gismondi, Vancouver Sun.

hiredBelly Grt regional comparisons at Passionate About Pinot starting with Nelson & Martinborough. Killer Ata Rangi 07 #vpiwf

NautilusEstate Ata rangi Pinot 07: v dark, spicy & thyme, v intense on palate, fine grained elegant tannins. 1 of nz’s “premier cru” pinots #vpiwf #Nz_arg

JJBuckleyWines True to form @NautilusEstate slays the room with a good natured dig at Australia. (Nautilus owned by Robert Hill Smith of @Yalumba.) #vpiwf

» Rosé-Rama

EatMagazine Sitting down at Rose-Rama. That’s a lotta pink! Fun times 🙂 (tr) #vpiwf http://twitpic.com/1hmnc7

tinybites Settled at the back of the Rosé-Rama seminar for better surreptitious photography like this… #vpiwf http://yfrog.com/1gevrj

cowtownwine Rose-Rama at #VPIWF Henkell Rose over-delivering. What a tasty offering and perfect start to tasting. 11 more rose to go. Its a good life.

tinybites Tons of tamarind from this Bodegas Trapiche Sparkling Rosé, like those candies you get at Asian restaurants. #vpiwf http://yfrog.com/ef3fij

cowtownwine At Rose-Rama so far (on fifth wine) so far Lanson Rose Champagne leading the pack. Complex, friendly, and deadly good. #VPIWF

tinybites Cute… Waitiri Creek’s Harriet Rosé named after their goddaughter and it happens to be her birthday today! #vpiwf http://yfrog.com/2ttqvj

EatMagazine Waitiri Creek Harriet Rose – wow! Bookmark this to try – NZ. (tr) #vpiwf

tinybites Scholefield telling of his rosé epiphany while in Provence. Had similar experience. Loving Sainte-Roseline. #vpiwf http://yfrog.com/b8w8xuj

» on New Zealand Wines

NZWine #NZwine at the #vpiwf is “a drop in the ocean – with a very big splash” Beppi Crosariol reporting on #NZ_Arg at the @PlayhouseWine festival

kellyoyo Good god, this Ara Pathway Pinot Noir is priced at $20 in BC! Best bargain of the festival? Gorgeous pure wine. #vpiwf #wine

hiredBelly HB’s (Spit) Bucket List Updated: 30 #NZwines at #VPIWF you won’t want to spit – http://hiredbelly.com

EWineNV Sam Neill and an array of @NZWine Pinot Noir star in the new @MariKane post on #VPIWF http://ow.ly/1CqFO

goodlifevan 2009 Omaka Springs Pinot Gris – Craving kung pao calamari – touch of residual on the finish #VPIWF

CrushBrandLab Loving the Astrolabe Sauv Blanc at #vpiwf goosebery, white currant. Fantastic.

mywinepal Just finished posting a few of my New Zealand wine picks from the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Fest #VPIWF http://bit.ly/befWQE

» on Wines of Argentina

DavidNiddrie Spending most of the night with wineries from Argentina. What can I say? A soft spot perhaps, but Malbec is my fave grape. #vpiwf

vino_g Cheval des Andes from Terrazas de Los Andes – wow! Standout of the day! #vpiwf

vino_g Don’t miss the Renacer Malbecs and especially their Amarone style blend – tasty stuff! #vpiwf

CrushBrandLab Found it. The best value, luscious, fresh viognier. Anakena Single Vineyard Viognier. #vpiwf. Done. Hello $15.

CrushBrandLab Best value Malbec. #vpiwf. Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec 2007. Seriously. 20 bucks. Lush, fab.

joecorkscrew: Best Chard of #VPIWF? Check out my notes on Catena Alta Chardonnay 2007 http://ow.ly/1CuNc & let me know if you tasted a better one!

» other wine notes

Yaffler Main #VPIWF excitment for me so far has been 2 taste some Nova Scotian wines. L’Acadie Brut: stylish, crisp, elegant bubbles #wine

Yaffler Gaspereau Vineyards Vitis Red from Nova Scotia. Carmenere meets Beaujolais #VPIWF #winewednesday http://twitpic.com/1hfnb1

markdevere Wine&Soul’s ‘Guru’ – Duoro white wine; most interesting and excellent surprise of the day so far; intense & tangy #vpiwf

goodlifevan Nicolas Feuillatte bubble – blue label – Rose – grand cru – a must #VPIWF

CrushBrandLab 2008 Bellingham Bernard Series Old Chenin Blanc is fantastic. Subtle sweetness. Vanilla. #vpiwf. Gorgeous.

CrushBrandLab Segura Viudas Clos Juvencia. Hands down best rose at #vpiwf tonight. Spectacular.

RyanSnellingNOW Mouthwatering blackberry notes with a subtle hint of spice. @seghesio 2008 Home Ranch Zinfandel. Love it #vpiwf.

_TeeLee_ Tinhorn creek pinot gris – light and crisp with taste of pear…way too easy to drink up #vpiwf

vino_g My takeout from today’s #vpiwf – Damilano’s Nebbiolo d’Alba delicious and pairs well with a good #canucks performance

» other event anecdotes

Yaffler Cause: unofficial afterparty @bonetavan with @housewine_girls, @hiredBelly, Kurtis @SaltTastingRoom, @WinePlus Effect: @Yaffler feeling yuk

TheWineDiva wondering if running shoes and a bib may be my best outfit accessories to maneuver a full day at Vancouver Wine Fest #vpiwf

WinePlus Has black teeth http://bit.ly/dfQSJ7

SynapticSurplus To the blonde in glasses, STOP BLOCKING THE SPIT BUCKETS! #vpiwf

SynapticSurplus They got like the BEST CHEESE at this thing #vpiwf

SandraOldfield Best line: I’m not trying to crack onto you (Mark Davidson) I’ve heard you’re not good in the sack….#vpiwf

markdevere http://twitpic.com/1hwgql – Raining over the beautiful new convention centre in Vancouver #vpiwf

kellyoyo So proud of our BC wines and how well they show in an international forum. #vpiwf

LaniganEdwards http://tweetphoto.com/19665473 Kicking it with John and Jo #vpiwf from Jackson Estate; tasty as Sauv. Blanc! (cont) http://tl.gd/10db7b


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