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Something new every day

29 Oct


This lovely Montsant wine taught me something new today. One of its main components (40%) is Mazuelo. What’s Mazuelo? I had to look it up, myself. Turns out Mazuelo is a synonym of Carignan. So there you go. Something new.

Bula 2009, Montsant D.O.
Mazuelo, Grenache, Syrah
available in BC early 2012, ~$20


V I N O | V A L O R E {issue 7}

3 Apr
condesa de leganza crianza tempranillo 2004: great richness and concetration for <$20

condesa de leganza crianza tempranillo. great wine. change back from your twenty.

download issue 7.pdf

Issue seven of vino valore takes a trip to the Old World. Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal are all producing some incredible wines at budget-friendly prices. Even France is getting in on value-for-dollar action. This issue compiles a few wines that offer complexity, concentration and uniqueness – and most give you change back from your twenty. Cheers!

~Joe Corkscrew

download issue 7.pdf

please note, issue seven is extra long!  print on legal sheet.

V I N O | V A L O R E {issue 4}

20 Feb

in this issue: Domaine Gauby Cotes du Rousillon Rouges 2006 - 90 points

download issue 4.pdf

Issue four is the biggest vino valore yet, with seven great wines reviewed and a report from the first IVSA tasting of the new year. Cheers!

~Joe Corkscrew

download issue 4.pdf